February 14, 2022, marked the posting of our last map.

We want to thank Reddit user /u/MsMattJeevas, who created the ORIGINAL Covid Map for r/Calgary back on March 21, 2020. This first map did something amazing for Calgarians, it provided an at-a-glance view of Covid cases in the city when we new very little and the stress of this pandemic meant empty streets and so much uncertainty.

We reached out to MsMattJeevas and asked if we could add our skill set to their project. We learned they were building the map manually every day and it was becoming time consuming, so our arrival and willingness to support the project was welcome.

On July 31st, with the blessing of MsMattJeevas, we took over the YYC Covid Map.

To help craft the ideas that the r/Calgary was providing us (see our Version History), we built a small volunteer team. First came /u/Heenawter who was posting Test Graph Information and brought statistical knowledge with them, then /u/ConcreteAndStone who automated the map so we wouldn’t have to manually update the 7 languages we were now offering.

In the end, we continued the legacy of this map for over a year (July 2020 – Feb 2022) and our decision to conclude the project was rooted in wanting to give ourselves a mental health break. We all lived the ups & downs of Covid, its multiple waves, uncertainty, and hope via vaccine deployment, but we noticed our need to step away and recoup was happening more often. Our responsibility to this project meant we always saw the numbers… and it was getting heavy.

However, the goal of this map had been met, to provide an at-a-glance view of Covid cases in each area of Calgary so people could assess their own individual risk.

Through all the comments we’ve come to believe that we’ve achieved that goal and it has TRULY been an honour to serve our community. I know it sounds clichΓ© but it has given us purpose outside our own personal bubbles and that has been an amazing feeling, so for that, we need to say thank you.

Thank you for letting us use our skill set to help.


We wanted to help support a local charity — Brown Bagging 4 Calgary Kids. To date, we’ve raised $2,767Β thanks to this map and if you can spare even $5 to this amazing organization, we would be ever so grateful.


As of August 2


doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Alberta. 


Rolling 7 day average per 100k



In the city of Calgary



September 3, 2021