As of April 14


doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Alberta. 


Rolling 7 day average per 100k



In the city of Calgary


April 15, 2021

Reading the Weekly Tests Graph

The graph above shows the average number of tests it takes to get a single positive result for each week in Calgary, and the black lines show the standard deviation of this average – in this case, a smaller standard deviation is better because it shows a more consistent trend.
For this particular metric, higher numbers are better, so the colours reflect that.
This week, we averaged about 17 tests per single positive result. Since the numbers have been unavailable for over two weeks, the tests per positive over the last four weeks were as follows: 39 (October 18th), 23 (October 25th), 20 (September 1st), and 17 (September 8th).
Calgary’s positivity rate last week was 5.97%; the week prior, it was 6.05%.Some comments have asked that we change the bottom graph to report positivity rate rather than tests per positive.